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3 Diabetes Sentinel Project

Map of NC with Northeastern Partnership counties highlighted

Through this project, the Northeastern Partnership has increased its capacity to prevent, diagnose and medically manage diabetes among African Americans, and seek to reduce health disparities
in the 19-county region.

photo: adults and children in exercise class
Diabetes Sentinel Community Exercise Class

The Diabetes Sentinel program is a collaboration of 30 African American churches and public health providers for diabetes prevention, outreach and policy change. Each participating congregation identifies adult and youth leaders for training as lay advisors (Sentinels), creates a committee to support this effort, establishes and implements policies that promote healthy lifestyles, and sponsors workshops on diabetes, nutrition, and exercise.

The Northeastern Partnership is working toward developing church-housed Diabetes Prevention Centers in all counties in the region. The Partnership will facilitate replication of
this model throughout the state.


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Tools Developed

Diabetes Sentinel Impacts Northeastern North Carolina

Read the following success stories about how the Diabetes Sentinel program is changing people’s lives:

Policy Templates for Partnering Churches

Other Policy Templates

Diabetes Prevention Educational Brochures

Below are eight different educational brochures on Diabetes Prevention and Education developed by the Northeastern Partnership:


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