North Carolina Accreditation Learning Collaborative

The North Carolina Accreditation Learning Collaborative participates in nationwide activities for the promotion and enhancement of health department accreditation on both the state and local level.  The North Carolina Accreditation Learning Collaborative participated in the previous two MLC grant initiatives and is one of sixteen states selected to work on MLC-3 initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). 

About MLC-3

In early 2008, RWJF implemented the final phase of the Multi-State Learning Collaborative (MLC) entitled “Lead States in Public Health Quality Improvement” (MLC-3).  MLC-3 is meant to build off the momentum of the previous two initiatives by continuing to bring state and local health departments together with other stakeholders to improve public health services and the health of their community by implementing quality improvement practices. 

The participating states will be working on projects that will:

  • Prepare local and state health departments for national accreditation
  • Contribute to the development of the national voluntary accreditation program
  • Advance the application of quality improvement methods that result in specific, measurable improvements, and the institutionalization of quality improvement practice in public health departments

MLC-QI Projects

Accreditation Projects