Why be a site visitor?

We need your help

Because we need you! Site visit team members for our accreditation process are peer reviewers. The teams selected are multi-disciplinary and are expected to have experience and knowledge about the delivery of local public health services. Since this experience and knowledge is important for the success of a peer review process, an important qualifier in the selection of site visitors is their connection to local public health. 

“I have learned so much more about areas of public health that I had not previously encountered.”

A key component of the accreditation process is the on-site assessment of the local health department to evaluate the health department’s degree of compliance with the benchmarks and associated activities. Site visitors lead the on-site review by evaluating the Health Department Self-Assessment Instrument (HDSAI) and supporting documentation, by visiting and inspecting facilities in accordance with the benchmarks, and by interviewing staff, Board of Health members and others. Since the primary role of site visitors is to conduct an on-site assessment, we couldn’t do it without qualified site visitors.

Here's what one said about being a site visitor:

“I think the best lesson learned for me is just how different we all can do the same things. I love to read about all of the activities that Health Departments are involved in to meet the same goals. Each Health Department offers services in a way that is appropriate for their own community...true public health practice”

Another had a similar sentiment by stating, “I have gained an even greater appreciation for the distinct qualities of each individual county with its communities and its sense of place.”

Many have found that their involvement as site visitors has strengthened their belief that the real work of public health takes place at the local county health department. They have also continued to learn about the scope of public health practice, services and programs with one saying, “As a site visitor, I have learned so much more about areas of public health that… I had not previously encountered.”

Please consider becoming a site visitor for the North Carolina Local Health Department Accreditation Program.  We can’t do it without you!

To apply as a site visitor, please contact Amy Belflower Thomas, Accreditation Administrator, Amy.B.Thomas@unc.edu, 919-843-3973.


Last updated March 30, 2017