Accreditation Administration Team

The North Carolina Institute for Public Health, Accreditation Administration

  • Accreditation Administrator: Amy Belflower Thomas, MHA, MSPH, CPH
  • Site Visit Coordinators: Eunice Inman, Rosemary Summers
  • Accreditation Program Assistant: Mary Blocher

Responsibilities of the Accreditation Administrator

  • Liaison with PHAB, North Carolina DHHS and DPH leadership, the NC General Assembly, the Accreditation Board, NACCHO, ASTHO, and NALBOH, and various NC boards and associations.
  • Team leader for the Accreditation Program including staff support to the Accreditation Board appointed by DHHS Secretary, site visit teams, and site administrators.
  • Lead accreditation program and assure process is consistent with state law and rules

Site Visit Coordinators

  • Design and conduct accreditation training for health departments, site visitors, and others.
  • Facilitate site visits and assure site team recommendations are submitted to Board for Accreditation.
  • Liaison with local health departments and program consultants.

Site Visit Team Members

The Site Visit Team shall be composed of not fewer than four individuals with expertise or experience in local public health, including experience or expertise in environmental health, public health nursing, public health administration or policy development/governance.


Last updated September 29, 2017