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Staying Connected

The NASW Code of Ethics outlines the values and ethical principles of the Social Work profession.  One of our professional values is social justice and the associated ethical principle is “Social Workers challenge social injustice”.  It is imperative that public health social workers are aware of public policies, proposed and enacted, that help or hurt our clients and that action is taken to support or challenge such policies.

The North Carolina Continuing Education, Training and Advisory Committee (CETAC), encourages all public health social workers to sign up and/or stay connected to the Public Health Social Work listserve in order to be made aware of what is happening in the profession of public health social work in North Carolina.  In addition, we highly recommend that you sign on to at least one of the advocacy listserves mentioned below in order to stay current with the public policy debates impacting public health social work practice and to take action when needed. You might also want to join one of the social media sites listed below to learn what is happening in public health and social work. Finally, information about Public Health Social Work related organizations is provided at the end of this document.  You are encouraged to join the member organizations listed (NCPHA and its Social Work Section and NASW) and to become involved with CETAC as a subcommittee member or by lending your name for nomination to the CETAC appointed body when nominees are needed.


  1. CETAC Public Health Social Work E-list: This is a public health social work listserve maintained by the NC Institute for Public Health. This is currently the main list used to distribute information regarding continuing education, resources, employment opportunities, etc.  Please consider joining the list by going to the following web link: and hitting the subscribe button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  2. NASW- North Carolina Chapter E-list:  NASW-NC maintains listserves for their local area program units. You do not have to be a member to sign up for a local listserve. These listserves keep social workers informed of the professional activities that are being conducted in their geographical area.  To sign up go to:
  3. NCPHA E-list:  You must be a member of the North Carolina Public Health Association to join this list.  To learn about NCPHA, go to  A variety of information including legislative updates are distributed to members of this organization.


  1. NASW-NC– Members and nonmembers can sign up to receive advocacy alerts.  Go to:, click on the “Advocacy Tab”, click on “Take Action” and on the right-hand side of the screen hit “go” to subscribe to their advocacy alert mailing list.
  2. NC Justice Center:  Go to and click on “sign up for updates” at the top of the web page. This site provides a variety of information regarding economic and social justice issues impacting North Carolinians.
  3. NC Citizens for Public Health: Go to This organization is made up of citizen representatives who advocate with policy makers on public health issues. Membership is free and you can get advocacy alerts. 
  4. NC Child E-list:  Go to  and click on “take action” at the top of the home page and then click on “sign up for action alerts” to receive informative updates regarding what is happening in NC around children’s issues. 
  5. March of Dimes E-list:  Go to  and click “sign up” at the top of the home page for their advocacy alerts related to women and children.
  6. Shift NC- Go to and sign up for their mailing list for updates on issues impacting adolescents in NC.


  1. NASW-NC Twitter –
  2. NASW-NC Facebook Page -
  3. North Carolina Public Health Social Work Twitter – NCPHA SW Section @NCPHASocialWork
  4. NCPHA Social Work Section Facebook -  NCPHA -Social Work Section
  5. NCPHA Facebook Page –
  6. NCPHA Twitter -
  7. NCPHA Young Professionals Facebook Page for persons 21 – 39 years of age.


  1. North Carolina Public Health Association Social Work Section – Go to  to learn more about the association and the Social Work Section.
  2. National Association of Social Workers – Go to  to learn more about the national association and to for information about the North Carolina Chapter.  
  3. North Carolina CETAC – Go to:  to learn more about CETAC.  CETAC is a committee of appointed individuals but welcomes the participation of interested persons on its subcommittees. Contact information for current CETAC members is located on this page.