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Social Work Month

Dear North Carolina Public Health Social Workers,

March is National Social Work Month, a time to celebrate and promote our profession. These last couple of years with Covid 19 have been a challenge. The attacks on public health and public health professionals have been unprecedented. Still public health continues to do the work of protecting and improving the lives of our citizens and public health social workers have been a big part of that effort.

This year's national Social Work Month theme is "The Time is Right for Social Work". Is it ever! With all the focus on social determinants of health (our profession's area of expertise), the time is right for social workers to shine. We have the skill set to address the critical social factors that can make the difference between a client getting a referral and utilizing a referral, between a client being informed about a needed health behavior change and the client successfully making that change. We make a demonstrable difference in the lives of our clients and it shows.

Attached you will find a Social Work Month Rationale and a Certificate of Appreciation. The rationale is very informative and provides a review of our profession's historical accomplishments and highlights the work social workers are doing today. The Certificate of Appreciation can be shared with staff to acknowledge the work they do. Additional items are available on Social Work Month ( such as a press release and a graphic of the logo. If you have the time, take the short quiz on social work on the page to find out how much you know about social work's professional history.

As a reminder the North Carolina Continuing Education and Advisory Committee maintains a public health social work web page CETAC ( One item on the page is a link to sign up to receive social work announcements regarding job opportunities, continuing education and resource information. A new item added to the site this year is information regarding the HRSA grants that are available to MSW students interested in behavioral health and willing to work in underserved areas after graduation.

In conclusion, please take time in the coming weeks to celebrate all you do for others as a professional social worker. Make sure you find a way to relax and renew. Gather with other social workers and other professionals (March is also National Nutrition Month) and go out to lunch, or do a fun group activity.

The Time is Right for Social Work!

CETAC Marketing Committee

Social Work Month 2022 Resources:

  1. Certificate of Appreciation (.doc)
  2. Social Work Month logos with the national theme, “The Time is Right for Social Work!” (PDF, JPG)
  3. The 2022 social work month theme rationale.
  4. A 2022 Social Work Month Proclamation.
  5. Sample press release.
  6. A document entitled “Staying Connected,” which outlines how to sign up for the NC Public Health Social Work listserv, how to join membership organizations like NCPHA and NASW, advocacy listservs you can subscribe to in order to keep up with legislation impacting public health and social work and ways to connect with other public health social workers on social media.