NC Epi Teams Training Curriculum

Welcome to the North Carolina Epi Teams Training Curriculum. Consisting of individual and group activities, the curriculum provides realistic, relevant, and challenging training materials that Epi Teams can use to develop skills in disease surveillance, outbreak investigation, and communication.

The curriculum was developed in 2008 by the UNC Center for Public Health Preparedness (UNC CPHP), part of the North Carolina Institute for Public Health.


The Epi Teams curriculum was designed to address 15 of the  CDC/CSTE Applied Epidemiology Competencies. Each component of the curriculum can stand-alone or be used as part of a sequential training program. The complete curriculum consists of:

Introductory Module

Six Case Studies

Individual Activities


This curriculum was developed in 2008 in collaboration with an advisory team of local Epi Team members, a representative from a Public Health Regional Surveillance Team, and an advisor from the NC Division of Public Health with funding support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Centers for Public Health Preparedness program.