HIPAA: An Overview

Length: 25 minutes
Description:This training provides public health professionals with a summary of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
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This training was developed with the support of the UNC Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Center (UNC PERLC), a funded project of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC Cooperative Agreement 1U90TP000415).

Learning Objectives

Training Personnel


Meredith Davis, MPH, CPH


Rachel A. Wilfert, MD, MPH, CPH

NCIPH Reviewer:

Lauren N. Bradley, MHS
Research Associate, UNC Center for Public Health Preparedness

Subject Matter Expert Reviewer:

Debbie Duncan, MSW
Quality Assurance Specialist in the Practice and Standards Program
Buncombe County Health Department, North Carolina

The author(s) and reviewer(s) of this training have no personal financial relationships with commercial interests relevant to this presentation to disclose. Author, narrator, reviewer affiliations listed were current at the time of training development.

Competencies and Capability Functions Addressed

This training addresses selected applied epidemiology, core public health, and public health preparedness and response competencies and public health preparedness capability functions. (Please note: The competencies included on this site are just a few of the public health competencies which have been established. Training participants may find alignment between this training and other competency sets not included on this site.)

Public Health Preparedness Capabilities
Capability 6, Function 2: Identify and develop rules and data elements for sharing
Public Health Preparedness & Response Core Competencies
2.4. Collect data according to protocol.
2.5. Manage the recording and/or transcription of data according to protocol.


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