Below is a list of our frequently asked questions. Click any question to see the response.

Getting stuck on a particular activity screen?

Some training activities contain interactive screens in which you click to answer a question or pop-up additional information. Sometimes users can get stuck on these screens if they are viewing the mobile device-compatible (non-Flash) version of the activity.

If this happens to you on any training activity, you will need to make sure you are viewing the Flash version instead. Here are some tips:

  • View the training in a browser on a computer rather than a mobile device
  • Windows should work more seamlessly than Mac
  • Firefox is the recommended browser
  • Ensure Flash is installed and enabled in the browser; use the following page to test your browser:

Still having trouble?

  • If you are still not able to get past the slide, you are still not viewing the Flash version of the activity.
  • On the help page for Flash, use one of the browser-specific links provided to help you enable Flash.
  • You may need to add to your list of "trusted" sites for Flash to play by default, or change your Flash preferences to "allow and remember" for the NCIPH Training Website, depending on the browser you are using.
  • Firefox is generally the easiest browser in which to enable Flash. See this Firefox help document for more information.


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How do I get a copy of my training transcript?

  1. First you will need to log in to the Training Website using the "Login" link available in the upper right hand corner of any page.
  2. Whenever you are logged into the Training Website, you will see a "Transcript" link in the upper right hand corner of any page.
  3. Click on the "Transcript" link and you will be able to view a list of your completed and in-progress trainings.
  4. To go to your transcript now, this login link will forward you directly to your transcript page after logging in.
  5. Your transcript will show both completed and in progress trainings. From the transcript page you can:
    • Print a certificate of completion or review the training activity of any training that has been completed.
    • Access and continue work where you left off on any training that is in progress.
    • Any training listed as inactive may be accessed ONLY if you have completed that training, in order to print a certificate of completion.
    • Any training that has been in progress for more than 1 year cannot be continued. Instead you will have to restart work in the training.


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What If I've Forgotten My Password or User ID?

If you have created an account with the NCIPH Training Website training but cannot login and/or have forgotten either your User ID or your password, follow these steps:

  1. Look for the confirmation email you received when you created your account.
    • When you create an account, we send a confirmation email to the email address you chose as your User ID on the Create An Account form. The confirmation email contains verification of both your User ID and your password.
    • User IDs and Passwords do not expire, so if you can find that email, you should be able to use that information to login again.
    • If you have multiple email addresses, be sure to look for the confirmation email in the inbox of the email address you used to create your account. That email address is your NCIPH Training Website User ID.
  2. If you cannot find the email confirming your account information:
  3. If you have forgotten your User ID:

    • Your User ID is the email address you used to create your account. If you have multiple email addresses or have changed your email address since you created your account, you can verify the email address you used to create your account on our Forgotten User ID form.
    • If you successfully verify your User ID with the Forgotten User ID form and CAN remember your password, you should be all set to login to the Training Website. If you cannot remember your password, continue to the forgotten password instructions below:

    If you have forgotten your password:

    • Because passwords are stored in an encrypted format, we cannot tell you what your current password is. Instead, you can go to our Password Reset Request form to create a new password.
    • Make sure to carefully read through the instructions on the Password Reset form before submitting a password reset request.
    • On successfully creating a new password, you will be able to immediately use it to login and access trainings.
    • If you have any trouble creating a new password, contact us using the instructions in the Who can I contact for more help? FAQ, below.
    • Until you complete a password reset in full (including successfully creating a new password), your old password will remain active.
  4. If you still cannot login:
    • Send a technical issue email to the NCIPH Training Website email address, following the instructions in the Contact for Technical Issues section below. Describe the issue you are having, list the steps you have taken, and make sure to include your full name and what you believe your User ID to be.


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What technical requirements are needed to view trainings?

To successfully access any training, you must:

  1. Have the ability to view an audio presentation in a pop-up window.
  2. Use an accepted browser. Our recommended browser is Mozilla Firefox, but an up-to-date version of Chrome or Internet Explorer should also be fine.
  3. Have javascript enabled in your browser settings.
  4. Have cookies enabled in your browser settings.
  5. Have the Flash plugin installed.

Below we evaluate each of these five criteria. If you do not see five OK or congratulations messages, you may have trouble viewing our trainings.

1. View Sample Audio Presentation:

Click the "View Activity" link below. This will pop-up a sample audio presentation in exactly the same manner as the trainings. If you can access this link and view the sample training presentation, you should be able to access all the trainings on the Training Website.

View Activity

(link will open new window)

If you could not access the sample training above, check the four other technical requirements, below.

2. Check Your Browser:
3. Check that Javascript is enabled:

JavaScript must be turned on for some Sakai functionality to work properly.

4. Check that Cookies are enabled:

Cookies must be enabled for the Sakai login system to work properly.

5. Check that you have the Flash plugin:

Flash is the plugin used to view the trainings. If you do not see a "Flash Detected" message below, you must download and install Flash.


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I am having trouble viewing the training. What can I do?

Please review the information above about the minimum technical requirements for viewing trainings on this site.

If you are still having difficulty please view the Contact Us section below. Review the information we require for technical issues and send that information to the NCIPH Training Website email address.


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Does my old CPHP Training Website account still work?


If you created an account on the Center for Public Health Preparedness Training Website before it became the North Carolina Institute for Public Health Training Website, your account is still active and you can still use your original User ID and Password.

If you are unsure what your User ID or Password is, see the Help section on Forgotten User IDs and/or Passwords.

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How do I view trainings on my mobile device?

The Training Website has recently begun creating mobile-compatible trainings. Mobile-compatible trainings work like any other training, but do not require the Flash plugin and can be viewed on just about any smartphone or tablet. These trainings are identified by a mobile icon in the training catalog: This training is mobile-compatible

You can view any mobile-compatible training in the built-in browser of your smartphone or tablet. Users with Android devices or Ipads can also download and install the Articulate Mobile Player app, from either the Google Play store or Itunes App Store. The app is not available on other mobile platforms. See our viewing instructions for more information:

Viewing Instructions:

  1. Use the browser of your mobile device to navigate to the Training Website. Find and login to the mobile-compatible training you want to complete.
  2. After you complete the training pre-test, continue to the training "View Activity" page.
  3. The View Activity page for a mobile-compatible training will have the normal View Activity: [Training Title] link to launch the training activity.
  4. You can use this link to view the training on your mobile device and the launch page will detect the capabilities of your browser/device. It will then automatically load either the standard Flash version, the non-Flash mobile-browser-compatible version, or the Articulate Mobile Player app version of the training.
  5. If you have any trouble viewing the activity through this link, or if the default viewing option is NOT your preferred option, you can use the Additional Mobile Viewing Options section to choose a specific mobile viewing option:
    • View In Mobile Browser: This option should work on just about any mobile platform. It will play the training activity directly in your mobile device's built-in browser. This is our recommended option for most mobile users.
    • View In Articulate Mobile Player App: The Articulate Mobile Player app is only available for iPads and Android devices, from either the Itunes App Store or the Google Play Store. The app must be downloaded and installed prior to viewing any training activity. The app works most reliably on iPads. More information about the app is available on the Articulate website:
  6. When you have completed viewing the training activity, close the training activity window and click the "Continue to Post-Test" link. Please note that if you use the Articulate Mobile Player app to the view the training activity, you will have to leave or close the app and return to your mobile browser to continue to the post-test.
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Who can I contact for more help?

Use the following email address for all questions. If you are contacting us because of a technical issue or site problem, please read through the technical issues information below. Providing all applicable information requested will help us troubleshoot your issue.

Email Contact:

To Contact the NCIPH Training Website For Technical Issues:

Provide the following user and technical information:

  • Your User ID
  • Your browser and browser version
  • The type of internet connection you are using
  • Whether you are behind a firewall or proxy server
  • Verify that you have viewed the Help page (this page) and have passed all the tests in the technical requirements section
  • Whether you are accessing this site through another website, or whether you are going directly through the front page of this site (at

Provide the following information about the problem itself:

  • Which training you were trying to access
  • Where in the steps of accessing and taking the training the problem occurred:
    1. creating an account
    2. finding / navigating to the training
    3. logging in
    4. viewing the multimedia presentation
    5. taking the interactive quiz
    6. filling out the online survey
    7. printing out the certificate of completion
    8. other (specify)
  • Exactly what happened when the problem occurred, including any error messages you received
  • Whether you tried to repeat your steps and got the same problem again

Verify that you are using the following method to access our trainings:

  1. Create a user ID and Password to access trainings with on the Create An Account page.
  2. Navigate to the NCIPH Training Catalog.
  3. Choose the training you wish to complete and click on the training title.
  4. Click the "Login To Training" link at the top or the bottom of the training information page.
  5. Enter your User ID and password at the login page.
  6. Begin the training.

Send your technical issue, with all the above information, to Put "Request for Technical Help from [your first and last name]" into the subject of the email.

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