Author and Narrator: Lisa Macon Harrison, MPH

Lisa Macon Harrison received a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from UNC School of Public Health in 1996 with a double major in Public Policy Analysis. Ms. Harrison is completed her Masters in Public Health through the Public Health Leadership Program at UNC School of Public Health in 2006. She has worked in research and practice at UNC managing projects in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention through the Departments of Epidemiology, Nutrition, and Medicine. Her previous experience and research interests have been in rural health, policy development, training, education, data management, and chronic disease prevention.

In her current position, Ms. Harrison is a research associate with the NC Center for Public Health Preparedness within the NC Institute for Public Health. Responsibilities include managing the North Carolina Public Health Workforce Development System efforts and assisting with activities of the training and education section (Section G) of the NC State Bioterrorism grant. She coordinates an assessment of public health core competencies and emergency core competencies across North Carolina and in southeastern partner states. The Center's mission is "to ensure frontline public health workers have skills and competencies required to effectively respond to current and emerging health threats including bioterrorism." Center activities include training, technical assistance, partnering for epidemiology, surveillance and outbreak investigations.

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