Massachusetts Disaster Response Network Training

The goal of the Massachusetts Disaster Response Network (MA DRN) online training program is to increase the number of trained mental health professionals who volunteer to respond to disasters. The eight 30-minute web-based modules in this training program cover basic disaster mental health concepts including bio-psycho-social responses, mental health interventions, resiliency, ethics, self care, and activation for disasters.

This online training series was originally created by the North Carolina Disaster Response Network (NC DRN) and was produced and is hosted by the UNC Center for Public Health Preparedness at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The MA DRN modified modules 1 and 8 to address the specifics of disaster response in the state. Modules 2 through 7 are from the NC DRN training series and are also part of the MA DRN series.

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MA Disaster Response Network (MA DRN)
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