North Carolina Disaster Response Network (NC DRN) Training

The primary goal of the NC DRN training program, developed by the North Carolina Psychological Foundation, is to educate mental health professionals who are interested in becoming involved in disaster mental health response. The unique aspects of disaster work and need for specialized training serves as the foundation for this course. The training is a general yet thorough orientation to the disaster mental health field, providing mental health professionals with the information they need to become volunteers. Greatly improved flexibility, accessibility to anyone with Internet access, and reduced time away from home are additional benefits of this NC DRN course.

The 8 modules in this training were developed and narrated by volunteer members of the NC DRN, all of whom are practicing mental health professionals with extensive disaster response experience. Technical support, production, and hosting of the modules has been provided by the UNC Center for Public Health Preparedness at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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NC DRN Fact Sheet

NC Disaster Response Network (NC DRN)
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